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Cancer screening, colonoscopy and endoscopy

Colorectal cancer often begins as small noncancerous growths called polyps that form on the inside lining of your intestines. The goal of regular screenings is to find and remove these growths before they become cancerous. Unfortunately, colon cancer may become advanced before symptoms such as rectal bleeding or a change in bowel habits occurs. Regular screenings allow our board-certified gastroenterologists to diagnose early, before the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, and while it is much easier to treat.


Screening and preventive treatment options

At Utah Gastroenterology, we’ve perform the following procedures, for screening and treatment of colon cancer:

  • COLONOSCOPY with or without biopsy, polypectomy, submucosal resection, submucosal injection, colonic dilatation and foreign body removal
  • SIGMOIDOSCOPY with or without biopsy, polypectomy, dilatation and foreign body removal



The American Cancer Society recommends a first colorectal screening by age 50. Utah Gastroenterology may recommend that you begin screenings earlier if you have a family history or you suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease such as:

Crohn’s disease  or ulcerative colitis.

Colonoscopy is the only way we can examine the inside of the entire colon.



We can schedule these lifesaving exams quickly and perform them in the comfort of our endoscopy center to rule out cancer and help you get lifesaving treatments immediately. To learn more about colonoscopy and other endoscopic procedures, call us at 801-944-3199. For your convenience, you can book your preferred consultation time with a gastroenterologist using our online Request an Appointment form. Our colon cancer prevention patients come to us from Cottonwood, Millcreek, Murray, Sandy, Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Draper, Riverton, St. George and West Jordan.

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