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Advanced, detailed imaging through EUS

When our doctors need an up-close and detailed view of an organ, they turn to EUS (endoscopic ultrasound). During this procedure, the doctor installs a special miniaturized ultrasound device on the tip of an endoscope, an instrument with a long, thin flexible tube. The endoscope also contains a light and a camera.

By inserting the endoscope and camera into the upper or lower digestive tract, we can obtain high-quality ultrasound images of various organs and structures. Because the EUS is capable of getting extremely close to the organ(s) being examined, the images obtained are far more accurate and detailed than images provided by traditional ultrasound, which must be obtained using a transducer against the skin from outside the body. We use endoscopic ultrasound to:

  • Study abnormalities or tumors in the digestive system and organs, including the gallbladder and liver
  • Study the muscles of the lower rectum and anal canal to determine possible causes for fecal incontinence
  • Study nodules (bumps) in the intestinal wall
  • Evaluate stages of cancer
  • Evaluate chronic pancreatitis or other disorders of the pancreas


Treatments or procedures that can be performed during EUS include: 

EUS is often used to produce high-resolution images of the ovaries, uterus, liver, gallbladder, pancreas or aorta. We also use it for:

  • Removal of tissue in the affected area, called mucosectomy; this may be all you need for treatment
  • Injection of medicine into certain areas of the GI tract
  • Tissue sample biopsies
  • Placement of stents into bile ducts or cysts
  • Placement of radiation markers for further testing

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